Life is an echo — what you send out comes back….

I originally posted this back in February, but thought it would be a good idea to re-post it just to remind you all why I am so determined to raise the money for CLIC Sargent….


I have had the usual chaotic evening this evening, dropping the three eldest off to three different parties at three different times! I am now sitting quietly listening to my youngest four play. While I have two minutes peace, I have been reading up on some information. Here’s something for you to think about this weekend….

Every day in the UK ten families are told they have a child suffering from some form of cancer, another way of looking at this, is; In the UK, around one child in every five hundred will develop some form of cancer by the time they are 14 years old. Now, I have no problem holding my hands up and admitting that I do have the “it won’t happen to me” attitude. But, what if it did happen to me? I know I have some amazing friends around me, but I also know, I would need more than just my friends. I would need the guidance and support of the professionals.

Clic Sargent is the only children’s cancer charity that provides all round care, not only for the child, but for the entire family. Now I am not saying everyone needs to hand over as much money as they possibly can, I just want to point out that even a couple of pounds can make a difference…

£1.50 – can buy a set of storybooks that explains cancer to younger children.. putting cancer into words and pictures that they can relate to, this is an important way of helping the child understand what is happening to them.

£8.00 – can pay for a DVD to help prepare a young person with cancer to return to school. Not only does it help keep them up to date with their studies, it helps them to deal with the emotional challenges of seeing friends and teachers again.

£15.00 – could pay for some toys for the children to play with whilst in one of the Homes from Home, which enables families to stay close to the hospital where their child is being treated.

£20.00 – could pay for a Clic Sargent play specialist to help a child prepare for and cope with treatment. This is done by using models, toys and photos. A calm child makes treatment easier to give and can also be more effective.

£32.00 – can pay for a day’s meals for a family of four staying in the Clic Sargent holiday home Malcolm Sargent House on the Ayrshire coast. The house offers breaks and specialist weekends for young people, siblings and bereaved families.

£50.00 – could pay for a Clic Sargent Social worker to talk to the family very soon after the diagnosis, as every family is different, the social worker will have to assess their individual needs, and offer them appropriate support and services.

£90.00 – could pay for a support group for the siblings of children having treatment. A Clic Sargent social worker will help them to understand what is happening, which can help them cope during this time

£100 – could pay for a benefits advisor to help several families apply for state benefits. Cancer can have a huge effect on a family’s finances, but the benefits application process can be lengthy and complex, putting an extra strain on the family’s’ relationships and ability to cope at a very difficult time.

£180 – could pay for a bowling session and pizza afterwards for 10 young people with cancer. Activities like this are vital for young people to get together and feel “normal”

£200 – could pay for a Community Support Grant to help families meet the cost of any extra support they might need to maintain normal life – like childcare, home help, ironing, shopping and so on. This allows parents to spend more time at hospital with their poorly child.

£ 250 – could pay for a day’s professional training for two of Clic Sargents care staff. This will ensure that they are equipped with the right skills, knowledge and understanding to  help children with cancer and their families, whatever it takes.

£400 – could pay for accommodation for a family at a Clic Sargent Homes from Home for a fortnight. Here, they can stay together within walking distance of the hospital where their child is being treated, bear in mind, the hospital isn’t always near to where they live. If they are well enough, the child can stay there too.

£950 – could pay for a specialist break for a bereaved family, allowing them to spend time together and with other bereaved families. Talking to people who understand, in a supportive environment can, provide real comfort.

£2,500 – could pay for a discussion day for 20 children and young people with cancer. The children and young people Clic Sargent support are at the heart of what the charity does, and these structured sessions mean that the children/young people can voice their opinions and views therefore enabling the services to be developed accordingly.

£4,200 – could pay for a CLIC Sargent Social Worker to support families for a month. The social workers help the whole family, including siblings and grandparents, to understand and cope with the emotional, practical and financial affects of cancer, from the very moment their child is diagnosed.

£10,000 – could pay for the running costs and site fees of a Clic Sargent holiday caravan for half a year. Families in desperate need of a break can stay in a self-contained caravan in a well-equipped holiday park.

Ok, so, the facts may seem boring, but just stop and really think, what happens if your child is that “one”? I bet you, one of the first places you are going to turn is Clic Sargent. Yes, it is a huge charity, but remember, it is a charity, and honestly every little bit does help. Until recently I thought children had to spend days, weeks even, in hospital whilst having chemo. I didn’t realise that some of these children can actually receive their treatment at home, staying with their families in a place that they are comfortable in. This wouldn’t be possible without the Clic Sargent nurses. The more I find out about what Clic Sargent does, the more I am honestly amazed. Witnessing as close as I do,  how much support they give to families; their dedication is a godsend….

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2 Responses to Life is an echo — what you send out comes back….

  1. helen F says:

    Wow, souns like Clic is fab so pleased that these people are here to help from the very begining, sadly its not something we experienced with Macmillan for my brother.

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