Here I go again…

Life is more or less back to normal. I have been enjoying the holidays with the children and if I am honest, I haven’t even given fundraising a thought…which is not the best idea, as I still have money to raise and time is ticking by. But fingers crossed and maybe a small miracle, I am still hoping to raise the remaining money.
In other news, I have managed to put my trainers back on and have done a couple of short runs/jogs. I have also signed up for the marathon again next year. I have entered the ballot and contacted CLIC to ask if I can run for them again. Although, next year will be slightly different for a couple of reasons, I won’t be doing it alone…Benji and Andy are going to join me, and this year I will be raising money not only for CLIC, but for Alecs Angels…this is a trust fund that has been set up to help out families experiencing childhood cancer. My little buddy loved nothing more than to see people smile…this fund has been set up to do exactly that. The main aim is to take away the stress of day to day life in a practical way. The fund will help the entire family to enjoy doing things together and not have to worry about the shopping being done or the garden that needs mowing. Alecs Angels will do the shopping and mow the lawn, thus enabling families to be able to concentrate on the more important things in life…for example, having fun…

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With such lovely evenings, I am hoping I will actually start enjoying the whole “running” experience…
The alternative was sorting this lot out, the dreaded sock pile…this is caused by 6 months of neglect…

The dreaded sock pile! Impressive huh?!

I am beginning to think the whole running lark may just grow on me…..

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6 Responses to Here I go again…

  1. helen says:

    please can you send me details of how to donate to Alec’s Angels, June the 13th will soon be upon us and I had already decided that Alecs birthday money would go to a charity. As Ive already supported Helen House, and Clic, these charities are well publised and have bigger people to help them, so Alec’s Angels seems far more appropriate and as he was chrisened on all saints day he has and always will be a saint in my eyes.

  2. Andrew says:

    C’mon… Bring it on… You go girl.. 🙂

  3. Judith Harper says:

    My tip for the sock pile – throw them all away (or put them in the bag-to-school bag) and start again. 7 pairs of their own individual colour socks is all they need! (or wait until they all take the same size and buy all the same).

  4. Jo says:

    Okay now I see why no wedding, how many years are you going to do the marathon to get out of it!!! If it’s okay I am more than up for fundraising again next year and maybe join you for a few runs…..x

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