We did it!!

Before I say anything else, yes, I hurt, I do have a couple of fantastic blisters…but, I am definitely doing it all over again…

What an amazing day, what amazing friends I have and what amazing pain I am in today…

Thank you to everyone for your help and support s xx

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7 Responses to We did it!!

  1. Keziah Atkinson says:

    Well done Mrs I knew you would do it 🙂 You have certainly inspired me xx

    • Thank you! I honestly, honestly didnt think I would…After a couple of trips to visit the Sr Johns Ambulance people along the way, I was beginning to get worried, but Benji joined me at 16 miles and did the last 10 miles with me…so, without him..it could have been a different story. But, I did it! oh how I hurt today!! but, go for it, it is so worth the feeling at the end, tears and all! s xx

  2. Judith Harper says:

    Well done Sarah, never doubted for a moment that you wouldn’t do it. Can’t wait to see the medal!

  3. Kate Mullen says:

    You absolute star – I remember running cross country with you and your inhaler Mrs. Can’t believe you put yourself through this, but all in an excellent cause – your little proud will be so proud. Hope your arse doesn’t hurt from all the kicks though… 😉

    • haha! Kate…oh how I remember those days… and yes…my arse is killing me today..as are my legs…!! having to be waited on, oh its so hard lying here, reading my book…….just wondering how long I can keep it up!!! s xx

  4. Cathy Read says:

    Well done you! Inspiring!

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