On my way

Well, here I am all ready to go…trainers check, bra check….hopefully, everything else will just fall into place. After very little sleep, I am heading down to London..I can’t believe how quickly today has come round…

If you tune in to the tv this morning, please do look out for me…My number is, 38179, I will be the one with the massive bags under my eyes, from lack of sleep….Otherwise, if you fancy a giggle and want to track me, the number is 07849317222

Mix 96 are hopefully following me too, so, tune in and have a listen..but, can you please note that the interview was held right in the middle of Olivers birthday party…I am sure “proper runners” get a studio or something and dont have to answer questions whilst  juggling cakes and kids…

Anyway, must dash, I have a marathon to do!  😉

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1 Response to On my way

  1. Jennie says:

    Good luck. We will be there to watch at Tower Bridge, Mile 12!

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