The perfect pose…just didn’t happen!

You know when you want or need that one perfect photo, that means something in your life…well, right now, I need a photo of my children, just so that I can carry it with me on marathon day and when I am feeling the pain or feel the need for some inspiration, I can take out the photo and it will keep me going…( in my usual organised manner, time has run out, so professional ones arent an option) …so, I summonsed the eldest three back from their “social lives” and demanded that they all don the Yummy Mummy T shirts and smiled, Oh and looked angelic…Well, now I know, as well as not being a runner, I am not a photographer either…these are the shots…not really what I had in mind..but, whey hey, they tried to look angelic and sometimes they smiled, but, they are mine, and each and every photo tells a story and makes me smile…but now I have to choose which picture I take along…

Watch my attempts here 🙂

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9 Responses to The perfect pose…just didn’t happen!

  1. Nagger says:

    Hahaha! That’s wonderful. They weren’t getting bored by the end were they?

  2. I love them, they’re perfect! And nobody is crying, which is what usually happens in my photos! xxx

  3. Judith Harper says:

    Can you really not see how alike they look?

  4. Judith Harper says:

    It makes me laugh when parents of one or two children complain that it’s difficult to get a photo of their child/ren behaving themselves – they should be us!!! And wait until the days when you have to get children-in-laws and grandchildren in the photo too! (and the pets).

    • Mmmm. I know what you mean…but, well, these pictures say it all…add the pets and it would have been a nightmare…whats that saying “never work with kids or animals” need I say more!!

  5. Jo says:

    I love the third one they are all so smiley xx

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