And so it begins….

So, here I am, where do I start? Well actually I should really have started this weeks ago, but with so much else to think about, it sort of got shelved, not a good idea really, but anyway, here I am now!
My name is Sarah, I have seven, erm, very lively children, who keep me on my toes, a dog, three cats, five kittens, three hens and I have decided to run the Virgin London Marathon next year…so many people have asked me why and how do I have the time, the reason why I will explain in a moment, and the answer is; I don’t have time, hence the reason this blog has taken so long to get around to doing…
The reason why I am doing it is an easy one,
I have a little friend who is very, very special to me and my family, well, let’s put it this way, my little family see his family as being part of ours, does that make sense? I hope so, don’t want to start this whole blog experience by confusing people!
Anyway, this little person was diagnosed on Valentine’s Day this year with an astrocytoma which is an inoperable brain tumour; the meaning of the word is that he basically has stars in his head.
This news was devastating and it took a long time for it to sink in and after a while, I decided I needed to do something to help…not just sit on my backside and listen to the horrific details over the phone from his mum or dad, or to share a coffee and pour our hearts out about the situation, or even to sit and watch him playing with my kids and having to disappear occasionally to have a sneaky cry..No, I wanted to do something positive, his parents and family have been so positive since hearing the news…
I had to get my teeth into something and have a focus…so, I chose the most unlikely focus ever, to run the Virgin London Marathon, not only that, but to raise over ten thousand pounds for whilst doing it…now that gave me a reason to toughen up and get on…which is what I have been trying to do.
I have secured a place for the marathon, via Clic Sargent …I have started sorting out various fund raising events, I have also managed to keep the kids fed, clean and the pile of washing has amazingly stayed at a reasonable height! (more about my ocd later) the training, well, in amongst everything else, happens when it happens, yes I know I should be ignoring the dust piling up on top of the piano, and the fact that the ironing pile seems to grow hourly, but I can’t! So, I train and juggle and juggle and train.. it’s Great!

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